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Summer’s here: Watkins Park train – here we come!

As you’ve probably already figured out, trains are a very important part of Jalen’s life.  Joshua likes them too – he likes taking them off the tracks when they’re running.  🙂  Here’s our first train ride of the summer.

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Joshua gets an injection

Joshua might be the youngest Andrews here, but he’s making his voice heard.  Click the image to read his story.

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The boys in action

My iPhone is truly near and dear to my heart.  Paul and Chris can talk about ‘Droid all they want – I don’t think it can get much easier than this.  🙂  Here are are some clips of the boys in action.  Sorry about the abrupt endings – I forgot to ‘fade to black’…

Jalen’s been into construction and trains since he was able to walk (about a year).  Here are a few of his creations (click the ‘Read More’ link at the end of this paragraph).  Most of these he very proudly built by himself, except the first train track you see with a Lego ‘tunnel’ (Grampa helped build the track; Jalen built the tunnel himself), and the ones with Vaughn in the picture – they built those together.

We took a family trip to Arundel Mills mall last August shortly before Johann went back to Trinidad and we came across this interesting, well – I don’t even know what to call it.  Mr. Adventerous Johann of course decided he wanted to give it a try.  Check it out for yourself.  Melissa and Verleyne provide commentary in the background.

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Gardening with Jalen

Jalen loves helping Daddy in the yard.  Here he is doing some watering.  Nevermind that that’s a picture of Joshua – just click on it.  🙂

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Party at the Thompsons

One of Melissa’s good friends is Kim Thompson.  They met way back when when they were both newbies at Oracle and have stayed fast friends, even though Kim’s now at VMWare.  They have fun inviting their children to each other’s birthday parties.  Here are some shots from Luke’s 3rd birthday party earlier this month.  We had a way cool video of Jalen riding a pony from Isabella’s party in February, but Jalen deleted it from Melissa’s iPhone.  😦  Anyway, enjoy…this is a Zap that will open in a new window; close it to return to the blog.

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