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St. Croix: Fort Christiansted and Hotel on the Cay

Monday was our last full day on St. Croix and of course we wanted to go to the beach again.  We planned to meet up with Dian and her family, and Annette, Dimitri and Destiny and head over to Hotel on the Cay.  We got down to Christiansted a little early so we could take the boys to the fort (did you always have to pay to get in there???).  Not sure they really cared about the history lesson, but we got some nice shots.  We enjoyed ourselves on the Cay.  They had a pretty nice veggie burger and decent fruit punch.  Joshua spent a lot of time in the water here, and you needn’t ask about Jalen – he would have stayed all day if he could.
Here’s a slideshow with some of the pictures from the Fort.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Here’s a video of Joshua having fun (we think) in the water.  He swallows some water (he didn’t like that), totally ignores mommy when she asks him to splash, tries to go after his leaf, but doesn’t want to let go of daddy.  I should have uploaded this video at a higher quality level – sorry it’s blurry…
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More Fun in the Sun

Another day of vacation = another day on the beach!  Why go to an island if not to spend time in the water?  The boys totally enjoyed themselves at Buccaneer again, and mommy and daddy enjoyed themselves watching the boys.  🙂  We found our pina coladas to be quite yummy, but Jalen said his fruit punch was “watery”.  Where did we find that child???  🙂

Here’s a video of Jalen – sand castle builder.  Below the video is a link for you to see the full blog post, which includes some pics of Joshua and another video of Jalen – this time as sand escape artist.

But wait – there’s more! Click here to keep reading

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Jalen-isms: Instruments

Those of you who have interacted with Jalen recently know that he is a fount of information – most of which he gives to himself. 🙂  Here is he (in April of this year) explaining to Uncle Dwayne why he can’t play the violin like Auntie Leyne.  We’ll have to take him to the orchestra soon, I guess, to take care of this misconception.

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Advanced riding skills + new babies

One of Jalen’s favorite things to do is ride his bicycle.  He’s very excited that he’s a good rider now and can’t wait until Johann comes this summer so he can ride with him.  Poor Johie is going to have to ride very slowly for Jalen to keep up with him.  🙂  Anyway, with Grampa’s help, Jalen learned how to stop his bicycle on a hill, and successfully execute a turn without stopping.  He was very excited about this and made mommy come and take a video of him.  This child is such an actor – notice how he turns his head to look at me after the stop to see if I’ve captured it.  🙂  And, see if you see the skid marks from his first attempts using the brakes on the hill.  🙂

Oh right – you want to know about the new baby.  Well, it’s not ours!!  🙂  The boys are pleased to announce that Auntie Tammy and Uncle Dwayne are expecting a little boy – Isaiah Sam – in October.  Jalen is very happy that they listened to him and are getting a little boy like him.  🙂  We’re all looking forward to meeting little Isaiah.  But first, we get to meet new Baby Lemene in August.  As soon as Dalelene tells us the boy’s name, we’ll happily stop calling him Baby Lemene.  🙂

As you can see – boys abound in this family (Sonja – two boys; Shevi – two boys; Acolea – one boy; Michaela – two boys), so Melissa has decided that her chances of having a girl are slim to none.  With odds like that – there’s no need to gamble!

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