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Happy Birthday Joshua!!!

Joshua turned 1 today.  We can’t believe how fast time has flown or how big he is.  We truly are blessed to have him – he has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He’s an extremely pleasant little boy – though he’s a little mommy-clingy these days.  Doesn’t fuss unless he’s hungry – and then he will literally scream until you feed him!  🙂

He loves music – he’ll start clapping his hands as soon as he hears some music strike up, and he adores his big brothers.  He has these serious conversations with Johann, who, by the way, has taught Joshua how to give high fives!  Jalen is his play buddy, and Joshua tries to go everywhere Jalen goes and play with everything he plays with…it will definitely be fun to see how they all interact as they get older.

Joshua was totally unperturbed by the fact that it is his birthday.  He knew we were excited about something, but he was totally bored during our singing and he couldn’t be bothered to open his present.  If only they stayed like this! 🙂

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