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Party in the House!!

On Sunday, we celebrated Joshua’s first birthday with a little get-together at home.  There were five babies born to a group of us in 2010 – four boys and one girl.  The boys – Micah, Josiah and Jaden – all came to celebrate.  Simone was doing a world tour with her parents in Mozambique.  Hopefully next year her travel schedule won’t be so hectic.  🙂

It was a great party; all of the babies had a wonderful time – there really wasn’t a fusser among them (that means they have great mommies.  Ok, ok – the daddies are good too – smile).  The adults had a wonderful time watching the little ones have fun.  🙂

We’ve got video footage (above) of the blowing of the candle and cutting of the cake, featuring our three sons – Johann, Jalen and  Joshua.  Then we’ve got stills (below) from throughout the afternoon.  I must apologize for my video – you’ll notice the chandelier blocks Vaughn’s face most of the time.  That’s because several of my guests went and stood in the most vantage spots, then wanted to complain when I wanted to stand in front of them.  I’m sure they’re planning to send me copies of their unblocked footage.  😉

A note about the music – both Jalen and Joshua love Jack Johnson, though they only know his music from the Curious George soundtrack.  Still – they’ve got good taste.  🙂


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Party at the Thompsons

One of Melissa’s good friends is Kim Thompson.  They met way back when when they were both newbies at Oracle and have stayed fast friends, even though Kim’s now at VMWare.  They have fun inviting their children to each other’s birthday parties.  Here are some shots from Luke’s 3rd birthday party earlier this month.  We had a way cool video of Jalen riding a pony from Isabella’s party in February, but Jalen deleted it from Melissa’s iPhone.  😦  Anyway, enjoy…this is a Zap that will open in a new window; close it to return to the blog.

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