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Christmas Music

I haven’t blogged in the LONGEST while. Making a resolution (early) to get back with it in 2013.  🙂

I spent a lot of Christmas Day laughing at the boys. Joshua received his first present and thought that was it.  The boy refused to acknowledge or open another present for about 20 minutes. We’d give him a wrapped gift and he’d push it away and say “Noooo”, and return to playing with his ABC apple (courtesy Auntie Leyne and Uncle Claudius).  It was hilarious. Sharlene Ottley said I should have taken the other gifts and re-gifted them at birthdays (it’s a great idea – I don’t think he has any idea what he got, so I’ma look around this evening and see what I can hide – lol).

You are probably wondering where the music is in this post. It’s right here. :-). The boys like to play instruments during worship. Here is Jalen (with some help from Joshua) adding a strong calypso beat (all on his own, mind you) to Angels We Have Heard On High.


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Chillin’ in Baltimore

So it was a picture perfect day in Baltimore! A little chilly, but with the sun out we thought it would be good to do something outdoors. So at around 2pm off we went to the Inner Harbor.

Upon spotting the dragon boats, Mr Jalen insisted that we must go for a ride. No problem that Joshua was not old enough to get on, ‘Daddy and I (Jalen) could go for a ride while Mommy and Joshua go for a stroll.’ There wasn’t much of an answer for that. So off went Daddy and Jalen, while Mommy and Joshua went for a stroll After that, we found the balloon man.  After twisting and turning, Jalen got a nice fish, while Joshua got a fishing rod.  Before long these both popped when Jalen decided to test them on the grass!
[since Melissa usually writes the blog posts, she is happy to let you know that this one was written by Vaughn 🙂 ]
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Party in the House!!

On Sunday, we celebrated Joshua’s first birthday with a little get-together at home.  There were five babies born to a group of us in 2010 – four boys and one girl.  The boys – Micah, Josiah and Jaden – all came to celebrate.  Simone was doing a world tour with her parents in Mozambique.  Hopefully next year her travel schedule won’t be so hectic.  🙂

It was a great party; all of the babies had a wonderful time – there really wasn’t a fusser among them (that means they have great mommies.  Ok, ok – the daddies are good too – smile).  The adults had a wonderful time watching the little ones have fun.  🙂

We’ve got video footage (above) of the blowing of the candle and cutting of the cake, featuring our three sons – Johann, Jalen and  Joshua.  Then we’ve got stills (below) from throughout the afternoon.  I must apologize for my video – you’ll notice the chandelier blocks Vaughn’s face most of the time.  That’s because several of my guests went and stood in the most vantage spots, then wanted to complain when I wanted to stand in front of them.  I’m sure they’re planning to send me copies of their unblocked footage.  😉

A note about the music – both Jalen and Joshua love Jack Johnson, though they only know his music from the Curious George soundtrack.  Still – they’ve got good taste.  🙂


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Happy Birthday Joshua!!!

Joshua turned 1 today.  We can’t believe how fast time has flown or how big he is.  We truly are blessed to have him – he has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He’s an extremely pleasant little boy – though he’s a little mommy-clingy these days.  Doesn’t fuss unless he’s hungry – and then he will literally scream until you feed him!  🙂

He loves music – he’ll start clapping his hands as soon as he hears some music strike up, and he adores his big brothers.  He has these serious conversations with Johann, who, by the way, has taught Joshua how to give high fives!  Jalen is his play buddy, and Joshua tries to go everywhere Jalen goes and play with everything he plays with…it will definitely be fun to see how they all interact as they get older.

Joshua was totally unperturbed by the fact that it is his birthday.  He knew we were excited about something, but he was totally bored during our singing and he couldn’t be bothered to open his present.  If only they stayed like this! 🙂

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More Fun in the Sun

Another day of vacation = another day on the beach!  Why go to an island if not to spend time in the water?  The boys totally enjoyed themselves at Buccaneer again, and mommy and daddy enjoyed themselves watching the boys.  🙂  We found our pina coladas to be quite yummy, but Jalen said his fruit punch was “watery”.  Where did we find that child???  🙂

Here’s a video of Jalen – sand castle builder.  Below the video is a link for you to see the full blog post, which includes some pics of Joshua and another video of Jalen – this time as sand escape artist.

But wait – there’s more! Click here to keep reading

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Summer’s here: Watkins Park train – here we come!

As you’ve probably already figured out, trains are a very important part of Jalen’s life.  Joshua likes them too – he likes taking them off the tracks when they’re running.  🙂  Here’s our first train ride of the summer.

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Joshua gets an injection

Joshua might be the youngest Andrews here, but he’s making his voice heard.  Click the image to read his story.

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