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My Blogging Trials and Tribulations

In April, I decided that I wanted to start keeping an electronic record of what the boys were doing and how they were growing.  I’d gotten the Zapd iPhone app earlier that month and really liked how it allowed me to create micro blogs really quickly from my phone.  The only thing that it ‘lacked’ was that there was no way to keep all of the Zaps in one place – they each had their own individual URL.

So I decided to build a website.  Did a little research and narrowed my choices down to GoDaddy and Weebly.  Ended up picking Weebly.  Turns out – I really should have done a bit more research.  There’s nothing at all wrong with Weebly, except that about a month into it, I found out that the free version didn’t meet my needs – I couldn’t embed videos or screenshots.  I found this out on the day I really wanted to embed a video, so I went ahead and signed up for the Pro version.  That worked well for a few weeks, then I ran into the issue of them having a limit on the size of files you could upload.  I had a account and so decided I would store my videos there.  That worked well for a while, except that once people started looking at the videos (which is exactly what we wanted them to do), I realized that Screencast had a bandwidth limit (for the non-techies:  a limit to the amount of videos/files a person could play from my account) and I was quickly approaching it.  So, I signed up for their Pro account.  This website business was quickly becoming quite expensive!!!

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