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Baltimore is for lovers

Baltimore is for lovers — fly me to the moon!

It’s over 12 years now that I discovered this truth — Baltimore is for lovers! Recently I saw two friends discover the same. Sitting on a park bench overlooking the water. Simple ambience with the backdrop of a metropolis.

On a sunny day, the inner harbor in particular, can set the mood for love like no other place. It seems to be a place where long-term plans are made, where friends gaze longingly into each others eyes thinking of matchless bliss, consummation and the product of.

Want to be flown to the moon? Start the trip there and never look back.

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The Unhappy Squirred

He stood on his hind feet, raised his paws and looked imploringly through the window as if to say, “What did you do with my tree?”

After three years of botanical torture we removed this encroaching arbor. Not only was it stretching its limbs towards our abode in unseemly fashion, it was also facilitating the conditions for moss, and mushroom growth right under our proverbial noses.

He loved the tree though. I’d seen him dancing on it. From branch to branch. Skipping and hopping. Climbing and jumping to and fro.  However, on this morning he was in disbelief, despair and astonishment. He had come to the spot where the tree was. But it had been removed. He scratched and scratched, running around the perimeter of what was the base of the tree. He happened to glimpse me peeking at him. Quickly, he approached where I was standing. This is where i received the disdainful look and pout. And then off he went in apparent disgust, into the woods to who knows where.

So a new landscape is on our horizon.  And with it poor old squirrel must find a new stomping ground. Here’s the news dear squirrel: Everything is for a time. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Continue to make the best of what you have today.

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St. Croix: Fort Christiansted and Hotel on the Cay

Monday was our last full day on St. Croix and of course we wanted to go to the beach again.  We planned to meet up with Dian and her family, and Annette, Dimitri and Destiny and head over to Hotel on the Cay.  We got down to Christiansted a little early so we could take the boys to the fort (did you always have to pay to get in there???).  Not sure they really cared about the history lesson, but we got some nice shots.  We enjoyed ourselves on the Cay.  They had a pretty nice veggie burger and decent fruit punch.  Joshua spent a lot of time in the water here, and you needn’t ask about Jalen – he would have stayed all day if he could.
Here’s a slideshow with some of the pictures from the Fort.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Here’s a video of Joshua having fun (we think) in the water.  He swallows some water (he didn’t like that), totally ignores mommy when she asks him to splash, tries to go after his leaf, but doesn’t want to let go of daddy.  I should have uploaded this video at a higher quality level – sorry it’s blurry…
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